“Oh man, I just can’t wait for that movie!”

Now you don’t have to! See major films before anyone else, free!

No, no, not torrents or anything even remotely illegal. We’re talking free screenings at your local cinema, provided by the film distributors themselves! How? Why? Find out here!

You may be familiar with ticket distribution sites like seefilmfirst, showfilmfirst and tellten. We provide everything they lack – ticket swapping, film discussion and every code in one place!

Getting Started

Please bear in mind that we are a non-profit website run by volunteers. Although you’ll find the site a great place to get free tickets, we ask users to get involved in chat (don’t worry, we’re plenty friendly!) and require that you post within your first 14 days. We won’t bite! Join today! Anyway, here are some useful links to get started…

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