Me and Johnny Depp

Here’s a little peculiarity for you…

If you recall I openly praised Johnny Depp in yesterday’s Public Enemies postMy exact words were

Depp and Bale are of such esteem that they can be mentioned in the same breath as Heat’s De Niro and Pacino

High praise indeed, so it was a surprise when I recalled that not so long ago I actually very much disliked Mr Depp. With retrospect I can safely say that this was merely down to his association with the god-awful Pirates of the Carribean movies (and I’m never going to change my opinion on those!), but with time I’ve become more familiar with the impressive actor and his films. Since then the POTC fangirls have been replaced by a new generation of Twihards – the times they are a’changing. Who knows, maybe in a half-decade’s time I’ll be acclaiming Robert Pattinson as the new Marlon Brando?

No, of course not – are you kidding me?! Maybe he’ll be the best burger flipper at his local McDonalds. Maybe. And I’ll probably still take pleasure in the fact that his co-“star” Kristen Stewart was commonly mistaken by audiences for a boy in David Fincher’s Panic Room.

That hair should've stayed in the 90s!

But in the meantime, let’s just look back at the Letters page of Total Film issue 131 (August 2007)…

Yes, my friends, that's what AYBG stands for.

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