On the Path

Directed by Jasmila Zbanic.
Starring: Zrinka Cvitesic, Leon Lucey, Ermin Bravo, Mirjana Karanovic, Marija Kohn, Nina Violic.

Plot: Luna and Amar are a couple whose relationship is under great strain. When Amar loses his job for being drunk at work, Luna is worried that their fragile dream of having a child might be in jeopardy. But her fears increase when Amar takes a well-paid job in a Muslim community hours from home. After a long period of separation, Luna is allowed to visit Amar at this community of conservative Wahhabis in an idyllic lakeside setting, where men and veiled women live in strict segregation under close supervision. Amar insists that life amongst these faithful followers has brought him peace and keeps him sober. When Amar returns home a few weeks later, Luna realises that his attitude to religion has fundamentally changed.
Amar claims his only interest is to become a better person, but Luna finds it extremely difficult to follow his line of thinking. She begins to question everything she’d believed in, even her desire to have a child. As the wounds of a tragic war-filled past continue to haunt her, Luna tears herself apart. Is love truly enough to keep her and Amar together on the path to lifetime happiness?


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