Review: Ice Age 3 – Dawn of the Dinosaurs

We won tickets to an Ice Age 3 Gala screening in Birmingham, and it being the weekend we decided to travel up and share the tickets with a Brummie forum member.

Upon arrival we received large flashy cardboard tickets and were pointed towards the bar area, where lemonade and squash were handed out free. Upon entering the screen we had to have our bags searched and hand our mobile phones over, then were handed 3D glasses. After a short and hyper speech from someone official, the film started with a 15 minutes delay.

Mammoths Manny and Ellie are expecting a baby which turns Manny into a super-anxious Dad-to-be and leaves both Diego the sabretooth tiger and Sid the sloth feeling like the fifth wheel, with varying consequences. Diego decides to leave to look for adventure while Sid discovers his motherly instincts and adopts three dinosaur eggs on which he paints faces and which he lovingly names Eggnogg, Shelley and Yolky (or the like). When they hatch though he discovers a wee problem – the mother dinosaur is on the hunt for her lost babies and she takes both them and Sid into an underworld for dinosaurs no one knew existed. Says Manny “I liked them better when they were extinct!”

The good friends they are, they decide to rescue him, aided by an adventurous weasel with an eye-patch named Buck, voiced by Simon Pegg in an overdone British accent. Cue dinosaurs everywhere and a hilarious laughing gas incident. And even though the story does not make much sense, there is never a dull moment.

Meanwhile, the squirrel has found a female love interest to fight over the acorn with and they hop in and out of the surrounding dinosaur world. The only thing that puzzled me from the first movie is why they can’t they talk like the rest of the animals?

The film is fabulously funny and does not disappoint compared to Ice Age 1 and 2. It helps to have seen the first two but it is not essential. There were loads of small kids in the audience who seemed to enjoy it, judging from the laughter and excited chatter (and occasional crying at a particularly big dinosaur). Sid is my favourite character and I hope there will be an Ice Age 4 so he can hurtle his way through it the way only Sid can!

I love well-done animated movies! 8.5/10

Ice Age 3 will be in cinemas from 1 July.

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