The Inbetweeners

Please note the trailer above features content that is not for the easily offended. You have been warned!!

Directed by Gordon Anderson.
Starring: Simon Bird, James Buckley, Joe Thomas and Blake Harrison.

Plot: The Inbetweeners is a breath of fresh air to comedy programs, not over the top stupidity, nor do you have to be at all intellectual to find it funny, the plot revolves around 4 young students entering sixth form and follows their days as your average teenager, it’s the great mix of characters which makes this worth watching. I’m sure most people can relate to one of the 4, based in the UK the “average” group of friends find them selves in all sorts of awkward, embarrassing and often hilarious moments which all of us would have probably encountered sometime or another in our teen years. I hope to see more of these new actors in the future, this series is just what we needed, a comedy of the new generation.

Apparently this is a marathon screening of episodes from the 2008 series one TV show.


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