A Different Breed

Not so much a documentary as a dog-umentary. Groan!

Plot: Britain loves animals and Pineapple Dance Studio makers may just have found their smash hit follow up by cashing in on that love.

A Different Breed is making its way to our screens next month and it’s bringing with it a whole cast of crazy dog obsessed characters from grooming salon workers to owners who are prone to breaking the bank to buy their precious pooch the best in doggy couture.

If you’re looking for over the top doggy diva mania, then this is the programme for you. A documentary if you like, but as it’s from the Pineapple Dance Studio makers, the ordinary and the mundane is not acceptable. Keep your eyes peeled for series regulars who include Louise Harris and her Yorkie Lola. She runs pet boutique Diva Dogs and nothing is too expensive for Lola.

We also meet Louise and Roger Wilshire, owners of CDPOM – a crèche for dogs who are in need of some “peace of mind.” Louise openly admits she loves her Labrador Otto more than her husband, and dogs at their crèche can expect to be serenaded by Louise on the piano and take to some exercise on a treadmill.

We’ll also be introduced to the other end of the scale with dog security handler Danny Lines and his not-so-tough Belgian Maliniois as well as Guru Kaur and her dog who has “chosen to come back to earth to teach us how to be human,” doggy dancing champion Richard Curtis and Whizzy, fashionabe doggy boutique owners Jakob and Julian whose relationship will prove to be priceless, dog-walker to the stars Lucy Kennedy whose dog dines out with steak dinners and gets poetry read to him at night and best friends Joanne Good and Anna Webb, with their dogs Molly and Matilda, who have their ownradio show ‘Barking at the Moon.’

A Different Breed reveals the madcap lives of people obsessed with their pooches while providing an invaluable insight into the love people have for their dogs.

Certificate: U

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