The Hurt Locker

Forum member Elski says:

What a great film! I’m tempted to say it’s the best war film I’ve ever seen (but then I’ve not seen that many :oops: ) so I guess it’s probably better to say it’s the best that represents the iraq occupation and become a classic in that way.

I think it’s good that it’s just a small team of 3 men your following rather than in other films when it’s a larger group and you struggle to follow names and get attached to some characters. And using relatively unknown actors heps too as you get immersed into their world with all the hand held camera work you really feel as if you’re there and trying to get into the heads of these 3 very different guys that are struggling to understand each other and find respect for each other, a dynamic that’s constantly changing.

There are a few cameos by more well known faces, Guy Pearce, Ralph Fiennes and the one that plays Kate in Lost.

Also the name still seems random and unexplained but I can see it must be difficult to name it as giving the team name or platton number or something like that might be corny.

I’m giving it a 9.5/ 10 (but still tempted to give it a 10)

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