Avatar Day

In a highly publicised move, 20th Century Fox organised a worldwide ‘Avatar Day’ in which members of the public (including many members of this site) were shown more than 15 minutes of footage of the hyped-as-revolutionary 3D film ahead of its December release. Is it all it’s cracked up to be?

chief100 reports:

I will get straight to the point this film is like nothing I have ever scene at the cinema and will change the way we see, and set the standard of the blockbuster film forever.
For those who have seen the short trailer on the internet, THIS, does not do the film any justice. (and it’s a real shame people are saying negative things on film websites so far). This film is meant to be shown at large scale in 3-D to give it’s true potential, not a small PC monitor or even hook up on an in house projector. The 7 or so sequences really do go show the amount of detail that went into making the film, the insects buzzing around, gun shells falling to the ground not forgetting the glorious colours in the jungle. I would give a 9/10 for the whole experience, which is high for myself how is usually quite conservative about reviews. Can’t wait for December the 18th and then everyone else and myself get the chance to see this blockbuster special!

Are you also eagerly anticipating the film? Will it change cinema? Discuss on the forum!

Also, the BBC is picking up the buzz…

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