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Paper Heart


Forum moderator Beate says:

It’s really difficult to rate this film as it’s not really a film but a kind of documentary. It started strangely enough, with a girl waving a microphone about asking people to tell her about love, insisting she has never been in love and doesn’t think she can be. I started to get into it after a while and really enjoying her quest which takes a life of its own once she meets Michael Cera. At the end I thought that it would have been better without their story interwoven though, as the interviews she led, illustrated by some really basic but funny cartoon-like action was really the best about the documentary, whether it was the couple married for 50 years, the bikers, the gay couple or the kids. 6/10

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The Proposal


anjirose wasn’t too keen…:

The film was better than i expected, although still a little dull. Nevertheless, I have changed my judgement on Sandra Bullock, I thought she was getting on a bit for Rom-coms, but she impressed me. and the guy was quite cool as the character he played, if a little tangoed, and i loved Ramone and Grammy. I wont be rushing to get the DVD, and if people fancy a night out… i’ll suggest the Hangover! 5/10

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The Ugly Truth


NeilTH shares his thoughts:

Have to say from a blokes viewpoint was quite funny and G Butler was on top form. Chicks will dig it and if a bloke is dragged to see it there will be enough in there to keep him entertained. 7/10

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Enough Rom-coms!

Sin Nombre


bevvy enjoyed it:

It is very enthralling, and full of action, some of it very violent. It intertwines the stories of some poor Central Americans riding on top of goods trains on the way to sneak across the boarder to the USA and of the members of a very violent gang. You certainly will not be bored by this film and many people will find it a real eye-opener!

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A Perfect Getaway


Perfect? MissPrecious didn’t think so:

The movie is very predictable. It is slow paced and I was bored until the last 10mins when something actually happens! The majority of the movie is based on watching both couples hike on the trail where they both suspect each other and others until the ‘climatic twist’, which really isn’t a twist because you can guess it from the beginning. The story is nothing unique…seen several similar movies with the same storyline. This is not what I would expect from a movie categorised as a thriller so I give it 4/10 but that really is for the ‘exciting’ last few minutes and Steve Zahn

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Imagine That


moggers says:

Not the best children’s movie I’ve ever seen but funny enough in parts and it amused my 6 year old. I did like the fact that it was quite an old fashioned type family movie with no whizzbang effects.

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cellar_door reports:

What a surprisingly fun film – yay! There were a some darker moments I wasn’t expecting from a children’s film. I’d give it a 7 for entertainment value.

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Land of the Lost


lucky_charm wouldn’t recommend it:

I thought this film was very thrown together and every time the actress spoke I found it very grating. TBH I wasn’t expecting much from the trailer and I have to say I think the trailer contains almost all the funny bits from the film. There was little to no plot, the characters were stereotypes and none of it was even remotely believable, but hey, that was to be expected! I would say it was OK, there were a few laugh out loud moments spread about here and there. 5/10

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Just Another Love Story


Beate was relieved that

the film was actually rather good and held my attention to the end. Jonas getting more and more embroiled in Julia’s life, pretending to be Sebastian (with all the consequences it ultimately held), was gripping stuff as there were dark secrets lurking behind her amnesia’d past. The OH enjoyed the film too. 7/10

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My Sister’s Keeper


hottips wrote:

The film was interesting to begin with, however whilst touching in parts, I found it rather slow and predictable towards the end. It’s one of those films you’ll either like, hate or feel totally unmoved by. One of my friends hated it, her sister however was in tears through most of it, my son liked it, and I felt that it was touching but not a great Cinema film.  5.5/10 from me. One to watch at home on a Sunday afternoon

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Sunshine Cleaning

This from Boomshine:

I went in expecting something extremely similar to Little Miss Sunshine and that is what I came out feeling I got however this wasn’t as good. The general vibe from over hearing conversation was that it was well received and is well worth a look. The funniest moment by far was the face plant onto the mattress :P. 7/10

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