Elite Squad 2: The Enemy Within

Directed by José Padilha
Starring: Wagner Moura, Irandhir Santos and André Ramiro

Plot: Picking up the story thirteen years after the original Elite Squad, The Enemy Within sees revered B.O.P.E. Lieutenant-Colonel Roberto Nascimento and his second in command André Matias facing new battles both on the streets and within the corrupt political system of Rio de Janeiro.

After a disastrous B.O.P.E…. operation on a prison riot, Nascimento gets caught in a bloody political dispute that involves not only government officials, but also the deadly paramillirary groups known as the milicias. Adding to this are his troubles at home, as his ex-wife is now married to the newly elected State Representative and his thirteen year old son is becoming increasingly estranged from his intense and emotionally distant father.


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