FMUK is 2!

Unfortunately I dont have access to the real cake :(

2 years ago marked (after a hiccuppy start) FMUK’s move to a stable host and its official beginning. Since then we’ve been through a lot, and seen a lot of free previews (I imagine the cumulative number is horrifyingly large), and had a lot of fun. So a big shout out to all our members, past and present, for making this (in my opinion) one of the best little corners of the net. Here’s lookin’ at you, kids.

3 thoughts on “FMUK is 2!

  • Happy Birthday to FMUK! This site has brought a lot of people closer together through their love of film, especially free previews! We really ought to have a party! 😀

  • [size=150][color=#FF4080][b]Happy 2nd Birthday FMUK!![/b][/color][/size]

    Huge thanks to AYBG, our fearless leader, for creating this fantastic site and to him and Beate for the brilliant work they do (even while on holiday abroad no less!!!) keeping this place running smoothly (no easy feat especially with those irritating spammers around)!! We really appreciate the time and effort you guys put into this place!!! Thank you so much.

    And to the rest of you FMUKKERS who make this place the awesomely addictive place it is, who are very welcoming, friendly, helpful and kinda crazy (you know who you are people!! 😉 😉 ) and for bringing loads of fabulous (and some not so fabulous….remember Antichrist? :X ) free movies to us movie freaks – FMUK certainly would not be the same without you!!! So Congratulations one and all and here’s to the next 2 years!!!

    [b][size=200]GO TEAM FMUK!!!![/size][/b]

  • Aww – Has it been 2 years already??


    Many thanks to AYBG, Beate and all other mods and contributers past and present. Not forgetting the loving members of the site. Here’s to the future and many many more films and discussions (sometimes into the early hours!).

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