Oscars! Predictions! Winners!

So, last year, Beate demolished everyone else’s score with daylight between her and the nearest competitor. The question on everyone’s mind was, is she gonna do it again? Well, no surprises here, she got a great score (16). But she was just edged out by markrobertpetty with a whopping 17 correct predictions, who takes home the prize. Level with Beate in 2nd place with 16 are JordanFRAV and brand new member pcowell1938. Just behind on 15 is ciro22. Honorouble mentions to those on 14:  jupe17, Emma20, jewelz and alythonian. Read on after the jump…

Great work all round. No-one did badly at the predictions, and I’m happy with my own score (13). On to the actual Oscars themselves, there wasn’t a great deal of surprise. In the Clash of the Titans, the Hurt Locker beat Avatar, taking home 6 awards including Best Film, Best Director, Best Original Screenplay and Best Editing. Avatar didn’t go home empty handed; it was recognised for its technical achievements. Personally I feel that with a bit of guts the Academy would have gone for Inglourious Basterds, a film that had more to say than its competitors, but in that sense it got the same treatment as the Curious Case of Benjamin Button last year. Still, great to see Christoph Waltz take home a little gold man.

A bit of news that will be lost under all the Oscar talk, but is worth mentioning, is the death of Sparklehorse aka Mark Linkous. The man’s work was beautiful, profound and absolutely full of (bittersweet) pain. His album It’s a Wonderful Life is a favourite, and has definitely affected me as a person. I was playing a friend some of his music just a couple of days ago. I said “he’s going to commit suicide some day”. That’s a prediction I really wish I hadn’t got right.

Here’s Gold Day:

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