Dorian Gray

Reports are coming in that disastrous organisation resulted in a vast number of people being turned away from this screening, even after waiting as instructed by the cinema staff. One such person was a certain Birthday Gal whose evening wasn’t ruined I hope. Tut-tut Momentum. One of the “lucky” ones to get in eventually was Read more about Dorian Gray[…]

Funny People

Dilemma: on the one hand there’s Judd Apatow, Comedy King of Hollywood, bringing along his usuals (Rogen, Hill and real-life wife Leslie Mann) and two talented actors new to his world, but not new to comedy – Schwartzman, hilarious in I Heart Huckabees and due to break out with a mysterious role in next year’s Scott Pilgrim if this film doesn’t do it first, and Eric Bana who apparently began his career in sketch comedy. On the other hand, there’s Adam Sandler.


New Inglourious Basterds Trailer!

Most people didn’t like Death Proof, Quentin Tarantino’s segment of 2007’s double bill Grindhouse. Personally I liked the film and I’m sure I would have loved it if I had grown up during the era of exploitation flicks it faithfully replicated. At any rate, the only real complaint you hear is that it was ‘boring’. So QT has stepped up to win back his fans with what looks like a hugely enjoyable ride, Inglourious Basterds (yes, its meant to be spelt that way), due out in August. Trailer after the jump… […]