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How to use this forum

#1 Post by AYBG » Fri Jun 19, 2009 4:53 pm

The site you should see is as follows

1 Cinema
a Free Films
b Competitions
c Film Discussion
d Expired Stuff

2 Swap Central
a Wanted
b Offered
c Past Swaps

3 Home
a General Discussion
b This Site
c Bargain Board
d Regional Boards


For any forum community, chat is absolutely necessary to maintain a sense of harmony. For this reason I have put in three forums here for chat purposes. Feel free to take part in any of them. The most valued members take part in all sections of the forum.

1b (Film Discussion) is for informal discussion of movies. Look around the threads for movies (new, old or upcoming, as well as directors, stars) you want to discuss - if you can't see any of them there, feel free to make a new thread, with the film title (or star's name) as the thread title.

3a (General Discussion) is for informal chat on anything else.

3b (This Site) is more formal. Basically anything specifically related to this site.

Free Films

i. How to get free tickets

Read this first - you should be familiar with how websites like seefilmfirst work.

When codes are published in magazines, in newspapers, or online, members who spot them should (we'd all be grateful) quickly post them here, in 1a (Free Films). Make sure they're not already posted though. If it's the standard unique numeric code you should search for it first.

When you see a code here, you should copy it, and paste it into the target website e.g.
You then select your local cinema and how many tickets you want. If tickets are available, you'll be directed to print out your ticket.

Remember even if all screenings are apparently full, a code is never out-of-date until the screening has actually occurred. Keep trying them out (I suggest daily for films you really want to see).

New codes are published daily. Don't forget to bookmark this site, and/or subscribe (there's a little link on the top right while you're navigating the boards) to the code forum and/or code threads.

ii. Swapping Tickets

We provide basic apparatus for swapping tickets. Please notify us all if you have spare tickets in the Offered section. If you're desperate for tickets to a particular screening, tell us in the Wanted section, but remember that in most cases people would have to go out of their way to get you tickets. Also, if you will be absent (e.g. on holiday) and would like users to look out for tickets for you, please use the same Wanted section.

iii. How to get the most out of the system

Remember, the most valued members are those who contribute, as well as benefit. If you want this site to continue functioning, keep it alive by posting new codes that you come across or by generally having fun chatting. While we run a fairly democratic forum here, we disapprove of users who register only to take codes. If we were all like that, the forum could never survive. This is why we delete users who have not posted in their first 14 days of membership. They can always register again, but we much prefer it if you came here to talk once in a while...e.g. after you've seen a free film - was it good?
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