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Re: MI5 Rogue Nation

#21 Post by yogi » Fri Jul 31, 2015 10:05 pm

After the spectacular plane opening I thought the film could reach the heights of the excellent Ghost Protocol, but it never quite lived up to that opening.

It was good fun with Tom, Pegg, some decent set pieces and of course that music it was never going to be dull. And Rebecca Ferguson was very good going toe to toe with Tom, though maybe there were a few too many bikini and low angle shots more suited to a Michael Bay film.

Good fun, but no MI4 7/10
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Re: MI5 Rogue Nation

#22 Post by newdot » Fri Jul 31, 2015 11:37 pm

too much simon pegg, too little ving rhames

30 mins too long...boy was this long

not sure that old tom is good tom

ditch tom for next one and go with rebecca


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Re: MI5 Rogue Nation

#23 Post by kelliec » Sat Aug 01, 2015 10:12 am

Saw this at the Imax opening in Cheshire Oaks. I didn't fidget which means it was fast paced with enough action which is what I would expect. Tom Cruise doesn't do it for me as a hunky lead but I liked the film overall.

Slightly strange IMAX speech before was a bit long though!

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Re: MI5 Rogue Nation

#24 Post by kevinknapman » Sat Aug 01, 2015 10:02 pm

Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation is a solidly entertaining instalment in the spy action franchise.

If the story plays out as a familiar varation on former films, the action sequences keeps things exciting. Admittedly they also don't exactly do anything new either but Cruise's insistence on doing the majority of his own stunts without relying too much on CGI makes this a cut above most other blockbusters. The opening which finds Cruise clinging on to an airborne plane, an attempt to stop an assassination in an opera house, a heist and a car and motorbike chase in Morocco are all highlights. Christopher McQuarrie does a great job in keeping the spy machinations moving briskly along in both his direction and script.

Cruise is again a solid lead and is well supported by a mix of old and new faces.
Rebecca Ferguson is a welcome addition as an arse-kicking femme fatale and Simon Pegg stays just the right side of annoying again. Mirroring his second appearance as Hawkeye in Avengers, Jeremy Renner gets a little more to do even though he still remains in the shadow of the bigger stars. Only Whispering Sean Harris really disappoints as a slightly weak villain.

On a par with Ghost Protocol as regards entertainment value, it also shares it weaknesses. The aforementioned underwhelming villain and the fact that action-wise it peaks about two-thirds of the way in. Like Ghost Protocol though these are minor faults.

Rogue Nation may be familiar fare, offering little in the way of surprises but it is also a very enjoyable way to spend a couple of hours.
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Re: MI5 Rogue Nation

#25 Post by raj101 » Tue Aug 04, 2015 8:35 pm

instead of trying to outdo the last massive scaled blockbuster MI4, this movie takes a wise step back towards the De Palma/original series, notwithstanding 3 awesome setpeices. Its mostly good apart from the wimpish way the villains, impetuously built up in the first half, are easily taken down in the final act. Unless of course theres more of them to come to MI6...

Yeah and obviously hes not doing his stunts. Noone is going to risk a million dollar career doing donkey work, but its nevertheless impressive.... impressive how many people hes fooled into thinking he does do them for so long, that is.

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Re: MI5 Rogue Nation

#26 Post by sjb242 » Fri Aug 07, 2015 8:33 am

Overall I’d say I really enjoyed it – Tom Cruise just brings this boundless energy and enthusiasm to his action roles, which really translates well here. I did find the action set pieces slightly lacklustre when compared to Ghost Protocol, with the exception of the opening plane sequence of course.

I loved the characterisation of Rebecca Ferguson’s character and hope that the recent trend of giving the female lead in action films a little more agency and substance (as in Mad Max) continues.

I also wish Simon Pegg could play the damsel in distress in every film.


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Re: MI5 Rogue Nation

#27 Post by sandypiper » Fri Aug 07, 2015 2:33 pm

I enjoyed this film...thought Tom Cruise looked really good.

Rebecca Ferguson's character was Ok.. I kept seeing her with the ringlets in The White Queen.

Simon Pegg looked as if he was enjoying himself.

Give the film 8 out of 10

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Re: MI5 Rogue Nation

#28 Post by TheyCallMeMrGlass » Sun Aug 16, 2015 11:45 pm

Havent been on here for a while so hiya guys, hope you are well and loving the movies :) I have been catching the odd flick through my over workloaded summer.

So I caught this last night at the O2. Over the past couple of decades Tom Cruise, had shot right to the top of my top hollywood movie action heroes along with the Hong Kong movie greats of Donny Yen and Jackie Chan because of the effort this little man puts into making his action scenes look authentic and totally wild. And like Chan, he is obsessed in delivering 110% into thrilling us which is what makes him a great nutcase! He is not the only Hollywood movie daredevil game to do their own stunts of course but Cruise has that extra spark and star power. He is also a madman. He is awesome. As he ages, (as with many other actors) he oozes even more star power and presence. Usually when they are young, they are more cocky yet undeniably exciting but then as they age, they have more gravitas. Right now, I think this middle age Cruise is better than he ever was.

Anyway enough of my embarassing manly love for Cruise. The film is almost like one of the later Fast and Furious movies, and that is to say, its gargantuan fun, silly and energetic...yet much more slicker then the Furious movies. The film just made me grin as wide as a cheshire cat throughout its whole running time. This is what cinema is for, thrills, big action setpieces, comic relief galore and wacky story telling. I didnt think this film could top the entertainment value of Ghost Protocol but it does. I actually love this even more. The main female presence was quite a knockout character in more ways than one. I am really loving this huge rise in girl power be they hero or villain...in fact, I am loving them more than the male action heros/villains in recent years. They just have this additional character dimension and depth to them that really excites and attracts me. This one in particular was given some welcome complexity. Pegg is a superb comic sidekick but I can see how some people find him annoying...perhaps he is a marmite actor.

The only flaw, I have with it is a lack of a charismatic villain (as Kevinknapman said above). But everything else delivered more than makes up for the odd shortfalls of insanity in the plot and the dull villain.

Obviously, I had fun with this, I cannot wait to see it again on Blu Ray...and roll on Mission Impossible 6.

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