A Simple Favour

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You Only Live Twice
You Only Live Twice
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Re: A Simple Favour

#11 Post by fanADE » Sun Sep 23, 2018 4:07 pm

saw this last Wednesday 19/9/18. Quite funny... i was not expecting the mixing of fun, comedy and the mystery.. i was expecting a chickflick.. but it went a different direction which i enjoyed.. 7/10
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The Third Man
The Third Man
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Re: A Simple Favour

#12 Post by nosila50 » Wed Sep 26, 2018 1:18 pm

Really enjoyed this film. Plenty of twists and turns as well as humour dotted throughout. Good ending as unexpected. 8/10
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Re: A Simple Favour

#13 Post by Bullfrog » Thu Oct 04, 2018 9:48 pm

Great film. Didn't know much about it when we turned up, thought it was another chick flick. Pleasantly surprised to find it had a few surprises thrown in. Really glad I took time out to see this one. Highly recommended.

Air Force One
Air Force One
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Re: A Simple Favour

#14 Post by helenecolin » Tue Oct 30, 2018 11:05 am

I was lucky enough, as a BFI member, to get a ticket for the European premiere of this movie, and while this is not generally my cup of tea, I did have a good time watching it. Would I watch it again if I had the opportunity? Probably not, because as I said it's not really a genre of movie I usually enjoy, but the plot was strong, the cast was very well chosen and the overall photography was impeccable!

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