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#1 Post by raj101 » Tue Nov 20, 2018 8:05 am

Replace Scrooge with an an irritatingly selfish little boy and this is what you get, by and large. Some of the art for the tempestuous little lad borders on the satanic, he looks genuinely monstrous at times. Might give little kids nightmares to watch those scenes. Or maybe it will turn them into reformed benevolent happy characters who give away all their xmas presents, I dunno how kids work these days.

I never got how the kid, or anyone in the movie, were travelling in time (his visitors arent "ghosts" but time travellers in this story). But theres some beautiful imagery on show to enjoy along the way.

3 stars. That screaming little lad is a bit much at times. Dial it down a notch, kiddo.
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