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The Bleeder/Chuck

#1 Post by raj101 » Mon Dec 17, 2018 9:26 am

This is an excellent sports biopic that actually is quite colourful without being fake. Most of it true apparently, including a boxing match with a bear??!

The story of fringe contender Chuck Wepner who inspired the Rocky movie by achieving a fake knockdown of Muhammad Ali, is a true case of life imitating the art that was inspired by himself. As the movie progresses Wepner starts adopting a Rocky personality, wearing Sylvester Stallones "Rocky" hat from the movies, accepting the title "champ", succumbing to the trappings of his own ego, and ultimately losing his own boxing career in the process, and rebelling against those trappings when he finally matures.

The anti-Rocky of movies, depicting how art can not only imitate life but swallow it whole if you let it.

4 stars.
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