Just Another Love Story

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Re: Just Another Love Story

#11 Post by elski » Mon Jul 27, 2009 11:12 am

yup, even just letting him in, he'd already heard his friend's messages by then hadn't he?

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Re: Just Another Love Story

#12 Post by priamia » Mon Jul 27, 2009 12:29 pm

Beate wrote:Does no one else have an opinion on the film? I remember that a lot of people broke into somewhat uneasy laugther at the end, clearly not sure what to make of the end. And the title is very deceptive. There was a great line about it in one of the free London papers, regretfully I have not got it on me. Phunkygal's OH sat down and said to me "It's a rom-com I guess?" and was chuffed when I told him it was not, LOL.
I agree that the Guardian offer does bring in an older audience. I was sitting amongst the middle crowd and can agree that there was uneasy laughter towards the end, mainly caused by
[spoiler]Julia managed to pic up the plank of wood with the nail that Jonas had thrown away. There was a man sitting in front of me that made slightly sarcastic remark at the time, can't recall right now, but it was funny[/spoiler]

I attended with my boyf. I had an annoying boy sitting behind me, who may have been really tall, otherwise VERY rude as he kept kicking the back of my chair sporadically during the course of the film. Back to the film, I enjoyed it, found it quite predictable at certain parts, did enjoy it. Boyf thought it was good and enjoyed the one liners.

I also agree with Beate - Jonas should NOT have left Julia in the house in the middle of NOWHERE with Sebastian... Like, hellooooooo!!

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Re: Just Another Love Story

#13 Post by ejwrank » Tue Jul 28, 2009 3:15 pm

Sorry I can't agree with you on this one. I thought the beginning was pretty good but then it became quite trying and too violent for me. We passed a ticket on to a friend (Finnish) and she mentioned that Julia was speaking Swedish which we didn't realise. We think there was a reference to her mother being Swedish somewhere. I also wondered if it was intentional that Julia looked a lot like Ali McGraw from 'Love Story' given that the title is 'Just Another Love Story'. Seems an unusual coincidence to me. Maybe you're all too young to know that film! Yes, as Beate said, it does seem to attract an older crowd when it's a Guardian offer but I have to think that's a good thing as I am so tired of people checking their phones over and over during a film. There was none of that where I sat for this screening. Glad to talk with Beate again before the film started.
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