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Before posting a Wanted request, please check the following:
1) That there aren't suitable tickets available already in the Offered forum
2) That there isn't a request for the same film at the same location already. If there is, please add your request to the existing thread rather than starting a new one.
3) That you are participating in the site, or intend to. New members are unlikely to get tickets, so please establish yourself here before posting requests.

After posting a request, please ensure you subscribe to your topic with the link at the top left. This means you will receive an email notification when someone replies (probably with an offer of tickets). As soon as you get tickets, whether they're given to you or you got them yourself, post so on your thread. This way we can avoid tickets being offered that aren't needed.
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1. Ticket trading, i.e. asking for or offering tickets, is expressly allowed on this forum.

2. If you exchange tickets with someone else, those tickets need to exchange hands FOR FREE and the person who receives them is not allowed to sell them on.

3. Be aware that you are exchanging personal details such as email addresses and real first and surnames when forwarding ticket links etc. so please be careful who you trade with. This website takes no responsibility for any problems you might encounter when forwarding personal details.

4. Changing details - if using showfilmfirst, a donor should mail changeofname@showfilmfirst.com with details on the ticket (s)he needs a name change for, and showfilmfirst will send a bog-standard email addressed to the cinema manager. The donor will need to forward this via email and the recipient will need to print it off.

5. Via Sky, the Times+ and Telegraph booking systems, go to “update” to change the name to someone else's. Go to “retrieve” to retrieve the tickets and email them again to your email account. Then forward them on to the recipient; the tickets will now be in their name. Don’t forget to go back into your account and change the details back via “update”.

6. Please note every ticket transaction in the corresponding Offered or Wanted thread to prevent others wasting tickets on the same request.

7. We also seem to have a lot of members now whose only contribution to the forum are Wanted requests. This is not the intention of this forum.


8. When you have given your tickets to someone, can you please let the moderator know by creating a new post in the original thread instead of editing the original thread saying the tickets have gone. If you just edit I won't know as I don't click on each post every day just to check, but if you make a new post I will check it out and will be able to lock and move.

9. If you have taken tickets from someone and then cannot go, these should be given back to the original owner who will then offer them up again. DO NOT offer them up yourself, as they are NOT your tickets to give away.


10. DO NOT post requests for tickets unless we know that the films in question have free screenings coming. e.g. "I really really want to see [blockbuster] so if any codes appear ever please think of me". Also do not post generic "any location any film any date" requests. Such posts and threads will be deleted.

11. DO NOT start wanted posts for multiple locations/films, it just creates confusion. If you want multiple films for one location, please list them as separate threads e.g. The Town, London, NOT The Town/Made in Dagenham, London.

12. ONLY reply to a wanted thread if you can use the tickets. DO NOT hoard tickets.

13. DO NOT add comments like "show us the love" and "please send ASAP" to wanted requests. As a regular poster to the forum, this does not make us want to shower you with tickets (in fact this has entirely the opposite effect). If you do manage to get tickets, there is a "Thanks Thread" in the General Discussion forum where you can thank that generous soul who gave them to you.

14. Just because you have posted first on a wanted thread, does NOT entitle you to moan/complain if someone offers tickets to someone further down the queue. The tickets are theirs to give away and it is up to them who the recipient should be. It is NOT first come, first served. You will generally be more successful if you are a regular poster on the forum.


A swap needs to be:
For the same film at nearby locations i.e. within the same city
For the same film at the same location on a different date

Otherwise you need to offer up what you can't use and post a wanted ad for what you need.


15. Posts made in swap central do not count towards your overall post count, and if you are a zero poster you will not be able to send private messages to other users either requesting or sending on tickets. Therefore, your post will be deleted.

16. This rule has been deliberately introduced by the admins on this board to stop newbies racking up posts by only posting in the wanted thread.

17. As PM is a very useful and necessary function on the board, you will need to post in another area of the board other than swap central e.g. General Discussion, Film Discussion to take your post count above 1 which will then allow you to use the PM function. The “Introduce Yourself” thread would be a good place to start:
http://www.fmuk.org.uk/forum/viewtopic. ... &start=770

18. Do NOT post your email address to get around the no PM problem. Posts with email addresses will be deleted.
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